How Content Writers Can Form An Alliance With AI

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By MA. • • 5 Minutes

Alright, you have been working as a content writer for a living, offering your services as a Freelancer on websites like Fiverr, Upwork, or even for your own company, and things were all fine. Then new LLM AI systems emerged, and there’s a big buzz around AI in the content world that has us all on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. Will users abandon searching for our services online and use one of those tools, such as Gemini or ChatGPT? Will those LLMs end up offering better content than us, the Humans?

Let’s go through those feelings and ideas, let me show you that the arrival of AI in our lives is nothing but a helpful hand that would make our lives better, and even bring more prosperity to professions just like yours.

Teaming Up with AI: More Iron Man, Less Skynet

Imagine having a wise, knowledgeable assistant that can help you put together the right pieces in the correct order. Yet, treat you as the master, as it can’t come up with the selection of those pieces of information itself. This is what AI brings to the table. From brainstorming sessions that feel like bouncing ideas off a cosmic brain, to structuring your thoughts with precision, and even catching those pesky typos that escape the human eye. AI tools are the sidekicks that keep us looking good.

Why in Content Writing Humans are Irreplaceable?

Remember this, large language models require huge computation to get trained on a large corpus of data, which takes a huge amount of time, resources, and money! This process can’t be repeated on a weekly or daily basis. Sure, there is knowledge that wouldn't change at that pace, but when it comes to content writing, there are trends and news that interest our readers that change every now and then. No LLM would be able to catch up with that. It’s only us, Humans, who can appreciate and understand the changes around our lives that need discussion, explanation, and addressing, and this is why we create content for our users to consume, and this is where we continue to thrive.

AI: The Ultimate Productivity Hack

Without a doubt, the presence of new AI models in our lives is only a great thing, and it would only offer humanity a great deal of creativity and aid in going through our lives. And talking about content writing, it’s not only about getting more done in a short time, or increasing productivity. With the time we have on hand now, you have the chance to dive deeper into the topics you are writing about. It’s more about giving us the opportunity to increase the quality of the content that’s been written. It's about diving deep into data to fish out insights that can make your content resonate on a whole new level. Integrating AI into your workflow isn't just a productivity boost—it's a creativity enhancer.

How Can You Step Up Among the Others:

Alright, so AI is one of the greatest things to happen to us in our lives. But everyone has it! And end-users have it as well. Where can you step up? What more are you going to offer?

You have to think about this as follows; what attracts employers to hire you to write content for them, though they do have access to AI tools, or what would let users read your content rather than asking an AI tool about? As we discussed earlier, it’s all about the trends and changes that AI can’t catch up with. And fresh content about news and new things in lives that interest us on a daily basis.

Will discuss below the areas that you have to work on, to give yourself the advantage among others.

Building Your Superpowers

There are key focus areas you should concentrate on to enhance your professional prowess. These include:

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Familiarity with SEO is crucial, as leveraging advanced SEO techniques can significantly increase your content's visibility compared to others. This attracts more users and potential employers. With the rapid changes in SEO practices, it's vital to stay updated beyond the basic knowledge. A great starting point is Google’s SEO Starter Guide, available at:
  2. Understanding Trends: Keeping up with current trends via social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram is essential. Additionally, tools exist to identify highly searched words and topics in various regions and countries. Resources such as Semrush ( provide insights on trends and keywords, while Google Trends ( offers straightforward data on what's trending. Moreover, Moz’s Whiteboard Friday ( features up-to-date articles and videos on SEO.
  3. Research Skills: Acquiring accurate and relevant information is crucial for maintaining competitiveness. JSTOR’s Research Basics ( is an excellent course for honing these skills.
  4. Critical Thinking: Evaluating sources and arguments is key to producing insightful content. Courses in philosophy, logic, or critical thinking, such as edX's Critical Thinking Skills page (, are beneficial.
  5. Audience Analysis: Understanding your audience enables you to customize content effectively. The Saylor Academy offers a course on this topic, ENGL210 Study Guide: Unit 1: Audience Analysis (
  6. Competitor Analysis: Knowing your competitors' content can inform your content strategy. Courses on business strategy or competitive analysis provide valuable insights. The Digital Marketing Institute ( offers resources for identifying content gaps, innovations, and strategies, including practical tools for conducting competitor analysis.

More opportunities? JobsChat is another helpful AI

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In Conclusion: AI Is Not the Endgame

Viewing AI as a collaborator rather than a competitor opens up a world of opportunities. It's about harnessing this powerful tool to elevate your efficiency, creativity, and ultimately, your career trajectory. This guide isn't just a roadmap; it's a manifesto for embracing AI and steering your content writing journey towards uncharted territories of success.

So, are you ready to team up with AI and redefine what it means to be a content writer in the digital era? The future is now, and it's bright for those who dare to embrace it.